Our B&B is just a stone's throw away from Hilversum -  Holland's media capital and the most important city in the Gooi and Vecht region, southeast of Amsterdam.

As the Dutch media capital, almost all the national radio and tv stations, production companies and recording studios are situated here. But Hilversum has still more to offer its visitors.   

Hilversum also attracts a growing number of visitors for its architecture, The world-famous town architect W.M. Dudok designed the town hall, school and office buildings, residential areas, ponds, roads and the sports park. The ‘Beeld en Geluid’ (Sound and Vision) building is considered to be Hilversum’s most recent architectural highlight.
Just outside the city you will find beautiful scenery of great variety: the magnificent Spanderswoud (forest) with its many hiking trails and country estates.
Some favourite ‘see and do’ ideas from our guests are:
  • ‘Beeld en Geluid’(Sound and Vision), The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision   
The ‘Beeld en Geluid’(Sound and Vision) is the audio-visual archive of the Netherlands and a great choice for a day visit to the Mediapark Boulevard.  See more at:
  • Discovering the Gooi & Vecht region, exploring castles, fortresses, and estates  
You can visit a number of them, and at other estates you can take a lovely stroll through the garden.  Take a cycling tour that takes you along all the castles and fortresses, or, hire a boat and experience the Vecht and Loosdrechtse Plassen while viewing the estates along the way.

A tip from the VVV Tourism bureau: Anyone who is going to travel in Gooi & Vecht can get a unique bit of extra digital experience along the way! For free via the smartphone Layar app, you can get all nautical information and brief historical information about the estates that you find along the way on the Vecht. You find the Layar app by entering ‘watersport’ as a search term in Layar. See more at

Visit Amsterdam and Utrecht

Our B&B is conveniently located in between the two cities of Amsterdam (the Dutch capital) and Utrecht, at a distance of less than 20kms. These cities are certainly worth a visit. Best way to do so is to make use of any of the "P+R" stations, where you can park your car in a parking garage (such as at Amsterdam Arena) and hop on a subway at reasonable cost. This will take you straight into the city centre and as such you will avoid hefty parking fees!